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3 Questioning Strategies to Help You Close the Sale

Discover three ways to gently bring existing pain to the surface.

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Uncover emotions to close the sale

Are you tired of hearing, “I’ll think it over” or “I’ll get back with you?”

The key to closing sales is uncovering pain; the level of discomfort on the prospect’s part that drives change.

Here are three questioning techniques that will help you uncover the emotional gap between where your prospect is right now ... and where they really want to be.


Learn how to close the sale:

Effective sellers should use these three proven questioning techniques to move the prospect through the sales process.

  • Reversing is effective to uncover a prospect’s pain. It’s simply answering a question with a question … with a purpose.
  • Pain-O-Meter process contains four questioning areas to uncover pain indicators, and the emotional impact.
  • Costing out the Financial Impact shows the prospect how much their pain is impacting them.

Grab the details of these questioning strategies below. 👇

Maximize opportunities with questioning strategies that build credibility and surface pain points, resulting in more conversation control. 

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3 Questioning Strategies to Help You Close the Sale

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