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Sales Strategies to Expand Your Financial Client Base

Get Business & Sales Development for Financial Advisors

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A Solid Framework to Build & Sustain
a Lucrative Client Base

You can't grow your book of business unless you’re in front of prospective clients.

The Sandler suite of programs provide learning designed to help advisors develop the competencies and habits necessary for developing, expanding, and managing a successful career and purposeful practice in the financial services industry.

Overcome the stigma of selling and develop no-pressure prospecting plans

Are you looking to:

  • Get in front of and set appointments with enough of the right people

  • Make connections and start more interesting sales conversations

  • Close deals without discounting and sell at premium prices

  • Sell more and get more warm referrals.

Silver Bullet for Success


Simple Solutions in Developing Advisors to the Next Level.

Often, it’s just our own “head trash” that stops us from the behaviors of getting in front of more people, building our book of business, and attaining our goals.

This insightful read addresses the Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques that advisors need to move through the four stages of advisor growth.

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The Silver Bullet of Success

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