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Mark Tucker

Blue Rhino

Listen to Mark Tucker explain how Sandler was able to adapt different sales training concepts to his team at Blue Rhino. Mark says, "We had to get away from the sales model of only talking about price and service to be successful. When we found Sandler, we were able to achieve that. Sandler helped us build better, long-term relationships with our customers."

The entire course is very informative and the knowledge that you are getting from the Foundations and Sales Mastery programs are very timely and can be applied not only to sales but also dealing with others. Paul and Clifford are very helpful, approachable, and knowledgeable on what they do. Not to forget Justine, who is always proactive. Thank you guys! I will definitely recommend this training to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Ally Torres, Account Manager, Absolute Data Destruction

Thom Dammrich

President, National Marine Manufacturers' Association
Industry: Manufacturing

"My perception of sales training was that people would go, they would get a lot of short-term ideas or tips, but there would be no lasting change or impact. The constant reinforcement is what makes Sandler unique and worth the investment. You can teach people things, but until you apply it and take ownership of it, you're not going to get the full return.

"Sandler's transforming us from an order-taking, operational kind of focus, to the sales culture that we need in our organization in order to be successful. We could not have achieved those results without the tools that Sandler has provided."

During our one-year sales training with the Sandler system, I was able to hone in on real sales opportunities and eliminate unproductive, time-wasting activities. By using this system I have developed major National and International Opportunities that have turned into sustainable in-depth relationships in a variety of key accounts. Using today's technology and now knowing how to reach the key people and their decision making Associates in my target sectors, I have grown our sales exponentially. This system is a great resource and guides sales people to focus on the essential aspects of the sales process.

Jim Skeoch, Sales, Eurotech Process Systems Inc.

Samuel Hoff

Patti Engineering

Industry: Engineering

Samuel Hoff, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Patti Engineering, talks about how his company’s sales more than doubled after Sandler sales training. “In 2007, we were a bunch of really good engineers and really bad salespeople; now we’re the same good engineers but we’re a lot smarter about the sales process.” In 2007 the company did a little less than $3 million in business and spent $1.10 for every dollar it made. Last year it did $7.5 million in business and spent 88¢ for every dollar it made. “My personal income is seven times what it was in 2007,” says Hoff. “That’s living proof of the success of Sandler.”

Sandler is useful if you want to set up a new business as it is a structured way of what you need to do in order to get your first clients in a very professional manner. In conclusion, Sandler is not only the best sales training course, but it is the best way to sell yourself in life with others and achieve your potential!

Cristian Radita, Account Manager, Integrys

Brian Frank

Vice President, Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn
Industry: Technology

"We never had a formalized sales training program or methodology at LinkedIn until we started working with Sandler. The short term impact of Sandler was to uplift the sales team. With Sandler, it's primarily about the people and the amazing things they can really do to help you."

It made me a stronger and more confident person with the ability to conquer a higher limit.

Ana Borges, Account Executive, Nicol insurance

Ken Harris

Health o meter

Industry: Healthcare

Ken Harris is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Health o meter, which manufactures devices for the medical community. He describes his history with Sandler, which spans 15 years and four companies. “Sandler is the one process I’ve seen that puts customer behaviours and salespeople behaviours together to help the customer in a way that ends up helping the company.” Harris uses a sports analogy to describe the impact of a great system, whether in college sports or sales training: “In a college team, turnover is every four years by definition, yet dynasties exist because they have good systems. Sales is also a skill set that needs to be constantly honed and, for me, Sandler is the only method that provides that level of consistent and intimate training.”

After more than a decade of working together, Sandler's superb sales and sales management training programs continue to deliver the edge we need. Your most recent prospecting seminar produced another big surge in appointment levels for the attending regions. Sandler's overall training efforts continue to earn an astounding 93 percent approval rating!

Glen Miller
, Chief Executive Officer

Roy Cook

Merrill Lynch

Industry: Financial Planning

Roy Cook, who works with Merrill Lynch to help clients strategize their retirement plans, explains his mindset when he started Sandler training. “When I was introduced to Sandler I didn’t think I had any problems,” he says. He did have problems, though, including the lack of a systematic approach to generating new business. “Sandler has a very logical, very cerebral approach to sales. I saw more than 20 percent growth in my business year after year. Some of that I attribute to the market, but a lot of it I attribute to the Sandler process, with me implementing it and working more efficiently.”

Sandler has been great for me at identifying if a customer has real pain or if it is just on the surface so that gives me a faster path to getting a NO and moving on to another opportunity. The Sandle Submarine is a great tool that I apply all the time. I also often use the negative reverse selling and the pendulum technique to know where I stand in the opportunity and how our solution is perceived by the customer.

Cristian Radita, Account Manager, Integrys

Greg Mack

UPS Business Unit Manager, Toshiba
Industry: Manufacturing

"Before Sandler, our sales approach was pretty much haphazard. We had no real structure or process. Sandler helped us put processes in place and gave us a more structured approach to selling. Now it's in my DNA. Once you embrace the philosophy of Sandler, you can't turn it off when you go home."

Before Sandler I was doing well but I was stuck (or as I have a learned) I was a camper. I was making the same money and thought that it was the marketing or the economy. I quickly realized through the help of Paul & Clifford that maybe it was me. I was a little sceptical at first because I believed that you educate your customer and that they were always right. But I quickly tried what I was learning and realized that with a system to follow I was in control and not the customer. It gave me the confidence and knowledge that I was missing to help me sell higher profitable jobs. Quicker and easier and Growing my personal income in my first year by 20%.

Patrick Pienkosz, Owner, Elegant Bathrooms

Jay McManus

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Ryland Homes
Industry: Home Building

"When I was exposed to Sandler's sales training, it was like a light bulb went on for me. After only one year with Sandler, our sales were up by 32% and profitability was up over 100%. I've been in home building for a long time, and to have our best year ever coming out of a down turn is a big thing." Jay says. "Sandler's management training helped us to hire better talent. We're big fans."

Overall experience is great, the courses have helped improve my selling techniques, skills, and processes. By boasting my selling power it has improved bottom-line results.

Susan Mirra, Branch Manager, IC SAVING

Larry Goltry

Employment Solutions
Industry: Human Resources

Listen to what Larry Goltry of Employment Solutions has to say about his sales training experience with Sandler Training. Larry says, "Sandler has really helped me just enjoy the sales process. It's proven, it's effective, and it works."

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