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Sandler Processes

Get You In Front of More Potential Clients

Discover the first step of developing more ideal customers and accounts.

Mutual Discovery Process

1)  Motivation / Coachability

  • Do I have a substantial gap in revenue generation, customer development or account retention?
  • Is the the gap in revenue large enough to do something about it?
  • Do I know precisely how to close these gaps?
  • Why do these gaps exist?
  • What, if any, are the impacts on me if I don’t close those gaps?
  • Are your people open to direction?

2)  Do my sales people avoid selling activity because of the following?

  • My sales people's prospecting energy is avoided due to....
    • Habitually over-invested in analyzing at the expense of prospecting. Information-gathering, organization and preparation become crutches instead of tools. Fear of seeming unprepared and/or superficial outweighs practical need to present accurate information.
    • Acquiring and projecting the appearance of success. Acquiring new business becomes secondary to cultivating an image of professionalism, polish, credibility, and sophistication. High scores may be accompanied by overuse of jargon, name-dropping, "flashing" expensive accessories, educational degrees, or professional affiliations.
    • Opportunities to prospect before groups of people. Group presentations, when unavoidable, may suffer from stiffness and hesitation not typically present during one-on-one contacts.
    • Coping with unresolved guilt, shame or discomfort about being in sales. Contributing factors may include over-identification with negative stereotypes about salespeople, or feelings that choosing a sales career has disappointed a significant other. Energy may be diverted to expressing a rigidly over-positive attitude of using "deflected identity" to disguise the sales function.
  • Sales people may also avoid sales activity because...
    • Coping with the fear of being considered pushy or intrusive by prospective buyers. High scorers may cope by waiting for just the right time to call, or elevate rapport-building above closing. Desire to avoid conflict may interfere with assertive selling behaviors such as naming a price or answering objections.
    • Contacting up-market prospective buyers causes discomfort due to pre-intimidation leads to avoiding persons of wealth, prestige, education or power. Prospecting efforts may be inefficient, targeting only lower-level individuals or non-decision-makers.
    • Making initial contact with prospective buyers, but hesitation sets in when asking current contacts for referral names. Potential referrals are sacrificed due to the fear of jeopardizing current relationships or offending clients.
    • Fear associated with using the telephone as a prospecting tool. Energy typically over-invested in less efficient forms of contact that do not require using the phone.

3)  Sales People Know-How

  • Is there a disconnection between ideal sales knowledge of what your sales people should know, versus what they do know?

4)  Review our Processes & Answer the FAQ

  • What services does Sandler Training provide that my clients are satisfied with?
  • Which of my clients are willing to refer me to qualified friends, family, and colleagues?
  • Which of my clients’ other advisors would be great sources for cross-referrals? What is the process for making that work?
  • How can I get my best clients to refer me to their best friends, family, and colleagues?

5)  Calculate the ROI and answer the following FAQs

  • Should I Train and Coach myself to apply these techniques? or...
  • Should I hire a Coach to Train and hold me accountable?