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Phoenix Coaching Works Inc. | Burlington, ON

Personalized Business Development FAQs

Answer the following questions and discover revenue gaps and why they exist.

Objective Client Feedback Surveys:

  • What are all the things my team and I do that my clients value the most?
  • Who of my clients are highly motivated to refer, and why?
  • How often do my clients expect to meet?
  • Which communications or activities do they value the most (or at all)?
  • Which of my clients prefer using email to communicate?
  • What additional services are my clients interested in?
  • Which activities are my clients comfortable delegating to members of my team?
  • What accountants are my clients happy with, and could they make good strategic alliance partners?
  • Which of my clients could benefit from a referral to one of your existing centers of influence?

How Can My Referral Process…

  • Eliminate my discomfort to consistent referral flow?
  • Tailor my approach to the personality of each client?
  • Strengthen my client relationship?
  • Make it easy for my clients to refer me to best prospects?
  • Eliminate 'I can't think of anyone right now' objection?
  • Obtain ideal client referrals--even in a lousy market?
  • Integrate referrals easily into my client service system?

Center of Influence Marketing:

  • Why Referring Your Clients to Accountants will NOT produce referrals in return?
  • Why making presentations to accounting and law firms about how you can help your clients will not generate referrals?
  • What is the economic glue of strategic partnerships?
  • What truly motivates accountants and lawyers to refer you?

Distinctive Client Introduction Events:

  • What types of events do clients actually want to come to?
  • What type of events do clients want to invite friends, family, and colleagues to?
  • How to make it comfortable and easy for clients to bring quality referrals?
  • How do you use invitation language so clients bring high-quality referrals?
  • How do you delegate to your staff who can easily manage all the details?
  • How do you make events successful - even if it is your first time?
  • How do you insure "nothing falls through the cracks"?
  • How do you follow up and book appointments?

Affinity Group Free Talks:

  • What marketing material produces the greatest attendance result?
  • When are the best seasons and time of day to hold seminars?
  • How to get invited in to speak to affinity groups?
  • Why speaking with partners and outsiders is a bad idea?
  • How to deal with questions and interruptions?
  • How to get attendees to complete the evaluations?
  • How to follow up after the free-talk?


  • How do you ask effective questions that help engage prospective new clients?
  • How do you uncover the true reasons people change to you?
  • How do you quickly identify the decision-makers?
  • How do you effectively handle stalls and objections?
  • How do you successfully orchestrate the 30 Second Commercial or Elevator Pitch?

Team Building:

  • How to easily and quickly develop a Business/ Prospecting Plan?
  • How to determine you and your team’s Vision, Values and Goals?
  • How to build real value in your business or practice?
  • How to write effective Job Descriptions?
  • How to conduct effective Performance Reviews?
  • How to develop and draft effective Work Flow Models?
  • How to attract, screen, profile, interview, hire, onboard, train and coach associates and assistants?

Transferring to a Fee Disclosure Wealth Management Process:

  • How to develop your vision?
  • How to prepare for a transition plan?
  • How to create a timeline?
  • How to prepare your client message?
  • How to prepare your marketing package?
  • How to prepare your advisory fee schedule?
  • How to prepare your client list?
  • How to transition from vision to reality?
  • How to handle clients who don't want to make the change?
  • How to effectively approach and speak with clients?